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What Exactly is Green Energy?

As the finite resource of fossil fuel which includes coal and oil becomes limited in satisfying the present energy demand, alternative energy sources are now sprouting promising new technologies that can reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. One of this so called alternative energy sources is green energy.

Vegetable Garden for a Beginner

With a steady increase in price plus the use of insecticides and pesticides during cultivation, many have thought of growing their own vegetable. But for beginners, making your own vegetable garden is not as easy as counting one two three since there are methods and techniques that you need to follow for you to have a good vegetable produce.

Geothermal Energy - Facts and How is it Formed?

This energy can be simply described as the heat that originates from the Earth unlike how solar energy is from the sun. It is a fact that that almost everywhere on the Earth’s surface, the thermal temperature is constant. This heat is what is pumped to either cool or heat buildings. After a cycle of usage, this heat is again stored in the Earth.

Brief History of Solar Energy - How it all Began

Trying to harness the sun’s energy for useful purposes has sparked the interest of many scientists for thousands of years and it still continues in today's times. Sun has been used a source of energy, not just by humans, but also by the many other life forms on earth. Plants use it to grow while many animals have found the sun's light to be their ultimate guide during the day. We, humans, have also utilized sun's many benefits even as cavemen. The more technological times demand more energy and we now have methods to convert solar energy to electrical energy. - Future is Now - 2016