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California’s New Top Dog for Solar Panels

The city in California with the most capacity of solar panels has shifted from being Los Angeles to San Diego.  The city of San Diego is ranked ahead of San Jose and Honolulu Hawaii for solar installation.  In the year 2016, the whole San Diego area solar power consumption has increased by 6% from the previous year.  Los Angeles held the top spo

2% of new jobs are in the solar industry

From the beginning of the year 2017, the market for solar technology under the new guidance of the new president has shown that not much change is going to happen.  The new government in place has no new policies.  Many top industry leaders are trying to get more active at the federal level to gain support.  The support at the top level is impor

A New Spark To Jumpstart Singapore's Renewable Energy Sector?

A local company has possibly found a solution that will help Singapore increase its usage in solar power.  There is a new panel that is able to convert more energy from the sun into the much needed electricity in a large metropolis of Singapore.  Capable of creating to an 280 W of power per panel than its previous generation that was only capabl

First Ever Road of Solar Panels in France

In a town called Normandy Village of France, claims to be the first ever to have laid out a solar panel roadway.  It stretches over approximately one columnar beside a main road near Tourouvre-au-Perche.  The solar panel road has close to 2800 m² of panels with a cost of €5 million.  The opening just happen today and was inaugurated by Mister Ro

Cool Electric Cars of 2016

Electric cars are automobile that is being propelled by one or more electric motors using an electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries.

Which country uses the most Solar Energy?

Considered as the cleanest and most sustainable renewable source of power, solar energy uses the sun’s rays converting it into electricity. The sun’s energy is harvested using mechanical devices such as photovoltaics, solar heating and cooling and by concentrating solar power.

Top Solar Products to Purchase in 2016

There was a time that the need for energy be sourced out to run not just a country’s economy but also one’s daily life.

Current facts of solar energy

The cost of solar panels have been on the declined since the 70s.  A day’s worth of sun is the same as a single AA battery which cost around $80 in the late 70s.  Today’s cost is $.50 because of the improvement of technology and the harvesting of energy is much greater than 30 years ago.

Fountain challenge of solar flights

If you haven’t heard about the solar flight across the world then make sure to read this post first before proceeding.  Solar impulse # 2 is a powered by the sun using solar cells has taking off from the Phoenix airport an

Super Computer to Provide Water to Africa

A large computer weighing over 15 tonnes is the next big thing in renewable energy power.  This computer will bring clean water to communities across the continent of Africa as well as the rest the world that is in dire need of it.

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