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Awesome New World Record - Solar Plane Flight Across the Ocean

A new world record has happen and many environmentalists are excited about this new feat.  A solar flight from Japan to the state of Hawaii has taken about 118 hours(5 days and nights) that was fueled entirely with the power of our star the “SUN.”  The total distance was 7200 kilometres (4480 miles).

The pilots Swiss nationals Bertand Piccard & Andre Borschberg flew the Solar plane called the Solar Impulse the 2nd and arrived at Kalaeloa Airport during early morning.  Andre also helped with the construction of the flying unit which is impressive in itself for being also the pilot.

Apparently it was a pretty grueling flight to a minimal extent as many think it is basically on cruise control, which is far from the truth.  The pilots had to wear oxygen mask for many times during the stretch, especially many times they flew very high.  Also you have to deal with all the nasty turbulence that ones plane encounters, especially for a light plane.  These elements of flying a solar plane makes it difficult to find sleep between the two pilots.  But you have to understand this is the first big step in running a flying object that runs entirely on the sun.  This is such an amazing feat!! 

The next step is trying to get more support and you can add your voice at this site in hopes to get many worlds’ government involved in adopting clean energy technology.

Image source curtosy of wikipedia and is an image of another solar plane. - Future is Now - 2018