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Flight terminal Ends up being First in Globe To Run Totally On Solar energy

The 7th busiest flight terminal in India is breaking some amazing record where the whole structure of the airport is powered by solar.

Food Trucks Embracing Solar

Peto chose to consider solar panel tech products following his incident with electrical generator when it stopped working and he was not able to restored it.

Solar Tax Break Approved by United States of America Congress

Congress of the United States have approved a break on taxes for those installing Solar Energy units into their homes or businesses.  This new break will increase the growth of solar energy by 25%.

Beer company in Singapore Focus on Solar Panels

REC, a respected international service provider involving solar power energy alternatives, inked a good solid milestone partnering dealt together with Asia-Pacific-Breweries of Singapore which will begin to see the local Singapore company Tiger Beer dive right in in the direction of solar power tech.

Biggest Solar Plant in the World. Morocco

The kingdom of Morocco located in North Africa with a population of 33 million people is looking to be more sustainable in terms of energy use.  They are planning to build the largest solar concentrated power plant in the world.

Good News from White House - More Solar

Both President and Vice President of the United States are pushing more than ever access to renewable energy particularly solar energy.  According to the White House government site, the administration is pledging more than one hundred billion dollars to be used in scaling renewable energy within 24 states.

Using Photosynthesis to Improve Solar Systems

The way of the future is to harness energy at the most efficient levels as humanly possible.  Right now solar power systems and absorb sunrays that around 20% which is not bad as compared to five years ago.  The worry today is r

Cool Buildings that Produces More Electricity than they Need

Did you know there are buildings in the world to produce more energy than they consume?  These are pretty rare as many of these buildings are using solar power.

Awesome New World Record - Solar Plane Flight Across the Ocean

A new world record has happen and many environmentalists are excited about this new feat.  A solar flight from Japan to the state of Hawaii has taken about 118 hours(5 days and nights) that was fueled entirely with the power of our star the “SUN.”  The total distance was 7200 kilometres (4480 miles).

Good News in L.A: Faster approval for Solar Panels

With the big boom with Solar Energy in Southern California, comes multiple process and laws that local residents have to obey in order to have permission to have a solar system.  Many residents complain that the most annoying part is the wait because it takes days to be process for approval.

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