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Powering Slums of India with Solar Power!

Solar energy will be used in the poorer areas of Pune India.  Pune has the 3rd largest slums in India and its population has exploded since the 90s from immigration.

New Rule by Obama: Restrict Carbon Dioxide

A new rule has come into play by the Obama administration announcing the reduction of Carbon emission on existing power plants.  The ultimate goal is reducing it by 30 percent by 2030.

It will be base on a value system for each state, where a high value promotes a higher position in the market for the State. 

Is Utah ready for a Solar Energy Boom?

Utah is the perfect state for the outdoors that has amazing fishing statewide, great golfing, hiking and many State and Natioanl Parks to venture.

But Utah is also a state that is really dependent on coal, where coal is a leading contribution to climate change.  

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