The Best Outdoor Solar Path Ligths

Path-way lights can make your outdoor area look aesthetically pleasing and if you are worried about the electricity bill, then definitely go for solar path lights.  Just imagine the path lights that could be used in the photo below.  Your early evening walks in your beautiful garden after a nice wonderful dinner, would be magnificent and therapeutic.

path solar powered for this garden area

The advantages of this kind of lights are far too many to ignore as you will see if you keep reading further.  Many types of path lights are sold in the market today and vary in price depending on the material. 

The most popular are the LED versions.  The issue 10 years ago with LED lighting is that the illumination was not that powerful so you needed a multi-LED unit to help compensate.  With the improvement of this tech, many brands have popped up on the market and the choices are vast.  Like most products, the more you pay, the better quality you will receive.

Buyers Tips

The great thing about Solar Technology is that it has been improving every year especially units made for home use.  Make sure to read the tips below to help you find the right lighting for your walkway or garden.

Tips on things to consider while buying these lights:

Quantity - Measure your walkway and decide on how many pathway lights you need. Deciding on the number first will help with the shopping process.

Quality - The brightness of the light is dependent on how much charge it gets from the sun and the position you place your lights. It is best to choose units which have a high quality of LED bulb and photovoltaic cells.

Hue - Will emit bright white light as they are made with LED lights. So, if you are going for a theme or looking for any other colors, then consider looking into solar pathway lights with tinted covers to get the desired effect.

Advantages of Solar Path lights for your walkway

1. No need for outlet - You must know that solar powered lights have small solar panels which use sunlight to charge the battery. So, this means that you don’t need a main outlet to power them. This freedom from outlet will allow you to place the lights anywhere along your walkway. 

2. Cost-saving benefits - If you compare an electric light with a solar one, then you will see that they are usually cheaper than the electric ones. So, right off the bat you will be saving a bit if you purchase these lights. Besides this, these lights are very easy to install which is not the case for the electric ones. So, with a solar lights you do not have to pay extra for installation fee.

3. Provides safety - As there is no cables involved this kind of light is generally safer than traditional electric lights. Most homeowners turn off their pathway lights to save on the electric bill. Vandals and thieves, take advantage of the darkness to carry out with their evil agenda. The best part about this light is that it will stay on for the entire night. So, going with these lights will make your home safer. 

There are many other advantageous reasons to invest on solar technology. Besides this, with such lights you are getting the advantage of choosing from a wide variety of style. So, this gives you the option to choose according to the design of your walkway and your home. It is important to mention that solar path-way lighting are environment friendly. So, this will definitely help you to reduce your family’s carbon footprint.

Do not do

One thing you should not be do when laying out your units, is to not place them along your driveway looking like a runway of an airport.  Instead use a stronger lighting fixture mounted on your house (activated sensor) as this will do the job of lighting your driveway.  Keep your pathway lights for your walkway.

Other Minor Tips

  • Make sure there is no hanging branch that may interfere with the sunrays from reaching your units. 
  • During fall, make sure to always clean out any leaves or debris.