Biggest Solar Plant in the World. Morocco

The kingdom of Morocco located in North Africa with a population of 33 million people is looking to be more sustainable in terms of energy use.  They are planning to build the largest solar concentrated power plant in the world.

This power plant call the Noor complex, will supply electricity to over 1 million people in Morocco by the year 2018.  This is according to the World Bank.  Not only is it installing a massive solar power plant but they are using the best Advanced Technology.  This technology called the CSP, concentrating solar power, has the ability to store energy or electricity overnight as well as during cloudy days.

The technology uses Mirrors that forces sunlight to focus into an area where liquid combined with water, is heated up.  As everyone knows this will produce steam that will in turn power turbines to create electricity.

The goal is to reduce carbon emission every year by 700,000 tons and to create surplus electricity to be sold to other countries.  Morocco has a history of using fossil fuels to power 97% of its electricity, so what this new project, Morocco is becoming a leader in renewable energy in North Africa.  Morocco wants to produce clean energy plants in the future and by 2020, 20% of energy will be from solar plants.

Many people in Morocco live in rural areas and this new project will bring consistent electricity to their homes.  An interesting fact is that in sub- Sahara Africa, only a quarter of the populations have access to electricity.  This is the worst rate in the world.

Facts about Morocco: the largest and most famous city is Casablanca which is located in the northwest part of the country.  It is most economical and strategic city in North Africa.  The Port of the city is one of the largest ports in the globe.