Cool Buildings that Produces More Electricity than they Need

Did you know there are buildings in the world to produce more energy than they consume?  These are pretty rare as many of these buildings are using solar power.  The solar electricity that it produces lights up LED bulbs and many other electronics including appliances.  The system that converts the sunlight into energy called photovoltaic, which is strong in terms of durability and very effective because he has no moving parts.  Most of this excess electricity is stored in batteries or added to the grid to be used by others.  Our right let’s get to the top buildings that produces excess electricity.

1. One building in Germany is a funky looking one called the Heliotrope.  It is basically a cylinder looking building elevated by a cylinder pillar which can be rotated.  At the very top are the solar panels which looks like it can be rotated also throughout the day to maximize in absorbing sunlight.  It creates five times extra energy that is needed to power the home.

2. The next building is located in Australia and is also a home and creates its own passive heating as well as having a cooling system.  The home has unique approach at recycling water from the rain as well as having an efficient solar system.  It is a very small building at only 800 ft.² but it can be replicated easily so others can build this efficient and self-reliable home anywhere they please.  It is still in its prototype phase.

3. A building in France is next on the list, isn’t it a home but an office building.  This is unusual for a commercial building to produce energy let alone extra energy or electricity.  It’s about 10 stories high and shape as an oval shape and on one side the part where it’s curved, has a shield layer that has customize solar panels.  A cool fact but this billing is that it outputs six times lesser greenhouse emissions than the average commercial/building.  The building itself costs $10 million to produce.

4. Another billing that is making headlines is a solar powered classroom that is outdoors.  What do we mean by outdoors?  It basically a portable, that looks like a small futuristic cabin that can house many students.  Located in Hawaii, the portable generates more than four times electricity that needs.  The State of Hawaii is planning to replace existing portables with these solar efficient power portables.  Which isn’t surprising because is one of the sunniest state in the United States of America.

5. Last building I want talk about is a stadium built in Taiwan.  This stadium rooftop has over 14,000 m² of solar panels positional in an array format.  The power they generate can light up a massive Jumbotron and all the lighting it needs for any event.  When there are no events the energy that produces is given to communities and households in the surrounding area.  Officials calculate that he can supply around 80% of what these household consume on an everyday basis.  This is probably one of the best uses of a stadium considering that many are abandoned.