Super Computer to Provide Water to Africa

A large computer weighing over 15 tonnes is the next big thing in renewable energy power.  This computer will bring clean water to communities across the continent of Africa as well as the rest the world that is in dire need of it.

Watly is the computer’s name that will bring computation power to help filter water to rural areas and also provide electricity and Internet.  Overall Watly will help with bringing in 3 million litres of drinkable water according to water aid NGOs.  It is capable of producing 1300 gallons water every single day.

An estimated 650 million people live in poverty or in other words, a lack of good drinking water.  A lot of illnesses happens and productivity is very low because of this.  There is hope that this computer will change that.

Watly is produced by a company from Spain which the name translates from Spanish meaning ’ethical for profit’.  It is currently being tested in the country of Ghana and is seeking crowdfunding for its continuous testing and work.

Machine has a life expectancy of 15 years and can reduce a lot of greenhouse gases that is equal to 5000 thousand barrels of oil.  The cost of Watly is quite steep but is affordable at around $450,000 US.  It is designed to be sold to governments as well as large corps and NGOs who want to help out.

The goal is to deploy this computer at many important spots close to and within communities.  The great thing is that it is portable and easy to use.

The computer machine itself has a length of 130 feet or in other words 40 m long.  Within the machine and has many purifications system that helps with sorting the contaminants also has the capability of desalinize water from the ocean.  This is pretty incredible if you think about this because ocean water is abundant but the issue is bringing into the community, so it has to deal with water within the surrounding area.  It is also equipped with a charging system back in service to the 3000 people.  It gets its electricity from the sun because he has solar panels at the top.

The ultimate version of Watly is the 3.0 and has been improving for many months.  The goal is to provide power for telecommunication units that will be able to provide 4G connection as well satellite.  Watly is the future in combating the reliance of fossil fuels.  As of right now the plan is to deploy units that only provide clean water as a start because that is much more important than the other services.