Cool Electric Cars of 2016

Electric cars are automobile that is being propelled by one or more electric motors using an electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries. Once you step on the accelerator, the electric motors give your car an instant torque which creates a strong yet smooth acceleration which are three times more efficient compared to cars with an internal combustion engine.

Since its first practical design in 1884 by Thomas Parker to the first real electric car in 1888 called as the Flocken Elektrowagen by German inventor Andres Flocken, electric cars have gone a long way in pushing for a more efficient battery storage and zero emission vehicles. Year 2008 was considered the renaissance period for electric cars due to the advancement in battery storage and energy management. Its development was also pressured due to the increasing prices of oil and the need to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases from cars using conventional fuel. After comprehensive improvements, manufacturers were able to produce electric cars that are significantly quieter, faster, energy efficient and does not emit tailpipe pollutants.

One of the coolest electric cars of 2016 is the BMW i3. Although this car is relatively small, it has a bold design and a modern and minimalist interior. Its manufacturers have upgraded its energy storage system using a 33-kWh battery which can travel 199 miles on one charge.

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Once drained, the BMW i3 features a faster DC charging capabilities which has now become a standard feature for all new electric cars. If you want to go further, it also offers a range extender through a 38bhp petrol engine that is not designed to run your car but instead provide electricity for the battery pack. This extends your travel distance range to 276 miles with the use of just a little petrol which emits a tiny amount of carbon dioxide.

Business magnate Elon Musk’s Tesla Model S offers a new look this 2016 which boast some extra technology and powertrain option.

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Let’s start with the looks where the black fascia has a flatter nose than previous models. The interior is has a large 17-inch portrait touchscreen located at the center console. There is also a second screen which is located behind the steering wheel which features digitized instruments, a reversing camera, parking sensors and Wi-Fi. It further features an optional HEPA air filtration system in which the company calls it a bioweapon defense mode. It runs on a 75 k-W-h battery pack that can travel up to 248 miles, acceleration of 5.5 seconds from 0-62mph and got top at 130mph. To top it all, Tesla is proud to incorporate its autopilot software where it uses an adaptive cruise control system possibly giving it power to self drive.

Considered as a leader in electric cars base on popularity, The Nissan Leaf has sold over 200,000 units. Leaf, which also means Leading Environmentally-friendly Affordable Family car, is a compact five-door hatchback which features many new add ons from its former model to include a 30 k-W-h battery pack which will run up to 155 miles. The battery pack can be charged from 0 to 80% in just 30 minutes using fast DC charging.

The funny thing with manufacturers is that they put different labels for electric cars in different countries. In the United States, they classified it in 2 categories: electric cars if it is highway capable and neighborhood electric vehicles for the low speed version. In Europe, they generally call it motorized quadricycles or micro cars. No matter what they call it, the important thing is you still enjoy the comforts of a classic car but without the carbon emission.