Top Solar Products to Purchase in 2016

There was a time that the need for energy be sourced out to run not just a country’s economy but also one’s daily life. Coal and fossil fuel has been our major source of energy that has been running our economies down to the daily dynamics of our homes.

But as we face the negative effects of these declining resources, there is a need for a new source and alternative energy is now emerging as a big potential. One of this alternative energy sources is solar power where the potential of harvesting energy from the sun’s ray is almost infinite and has now been coined as renewable energy. With this solar power development, products have now been developed and applied making the use of energy more sustainable and cleaner. 

Types of solar powered products are now available in the market like the commonly used photovoltaic system where it converts sunlight directly into electricity.  This technology most popular products on the market today are the panels that are installed on the rooftops of homes, and the LED solar bulbs made for the out-door walking area.

This simple process uses solar panels where the converted energy is stored in a battery ready for consumption. It initially produces direct current (DC) and with the additional use of an inverter, alternating current (AC) can be produced.

Brolar Solar Powered USB & Phone Charger

Among the applications of solar power technology that is very much appreciated by the general public is the mobile phone charger. The Brolar Solar Powered USB / Phone Charger is one of the most popular brands today. This compact system is composed of a solar panel with a built-in storage battery composed of a 5,000 mAh full lithium polymer battery that is packed durably in a waterproof, dustproof and shockproof case.

You can find 2 USB port plugs in the side where you can simultaneously charge your iPhone, iPad, Android, cellphone or tablet. What is good with this gadget, aside from being compact where it can fit in your pocket or handbag, it also functions as a power bank. So even when there is no sunlight and as long as the built-in storage battery is fully charged, you can still charge your phone making this a perfect item for outdoor activities.

Eco-Daily Solar-Charger

There is even a LED torch light that you can use during emergencies. Another amazing gadget that is similar to Brolars’ is the Eco-Daily Solar Charger. Both gadgets have the same features except that the capacity of the Eco-Daily solar charger uses 10,000 mAh battery which gives you more charging time for your cellphones. Just be reminded that these are just compact gadgets that are meant to be used as back-up and not as a primary battery source. Another thing, to maximize the use of this gadget, fully charge it for 45 minutes using its own USB charger to a wall outlet before going to your planned trip.

An important note that you should remember once you are already outdoors and the batteries are fully depleted, it will take you 40 hours of solar charging to make a full charge.

Youmoon IPX4 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Now that your mobile phone has an extended source of energy, let us further compliment this with the extended use if its accessories like portable speakers. One of the popular brands that is powered by solar energy is the Youmoon IPX4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Using the latest bluetooth technology, you can connect this device to your phone in 3 seconds with a connection range of up to 33 feet. You will enjoy the impressive crystal clear sound quality with a robust bass from a 5watt audio driver and subwoofer that will last 6hours of continuous playing. Once drained, you can charge it using its own high efficiency mono crystalline solar panel with an internal 1200 mAh lithium ion battery.

Kepmov Tnyker Solar Camping (LED Lantern Flashlight)

Of course, who would ever forget to bring a flaslight on a trip. The Kepmov Tnyker Solar Camping LED Lantern Flashlight is one of the hottest product out in the market.

This is a multi-purpose gadget which can be used as a compact flashlight that can be converted into a lantern through an expandable plastic frame. It features a 3-lighting mode where you choose either high bright light, low light or SOS blinking light. It comes with an integrated solar panel at the top where you need to place the entire unit in direct sunlight. What’s good with this item is that you can charge your cellphone via the USB port just incase you forgot to charge your portable cellphone chargers like the ones mentioned above.

Kisae HS1800-60-00 (Home Solar Kit)

Let us say you just arrive from your outdoor trip and want to enjoy the confines of your home and then you thought why not introduce the technology of solar energy to your property. The Kisae HS1800-60-00 Home Solar 1800 Kit is one of the hottest products since it is the first complete home solar power kit on the market. The unit can run refrigerators, microwave oven, televesion and fan using its 60Ah battery with an output of 1,800 watts and can still be upgraded depending on your needs. The best thing about this solar kit is that it has a built in transfer switch that acts as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) which is very important especially when the electricity fluctuates.

Final Thougts

In the near future and maybe a note that needs to be pondered: What if climate change prolongs the occurence of rainy season where the sun’s appearance in our skies is reduced to a significant level making the above solar powered products inefficient?

Well for now, it is not the problem of our generation and for sure when that time comes we are ready with the development of new resilient products. The state of the solar power technology has not reached the level where it has replaced conventional sources of energy like fossil fuel and coal, but the benifits and advantages are so high that we believe the potential that it will become the number one source of energy within the next 100 years.

On the lighter side, solar power has complimented our demand for energy and reduced our consumption for conventional energy sources. Who knows, we might soon become dependent on solar energy as the latest technology can now convert 33% of the sunlight hittng the solar panels into energy as compare to the 16% conversion from its older models.

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